My new play, "Death to the Book Club" premiered at Alfred University. Directed by Eliza Beckwith, who also directed "F-Stop." Photos from the production here.

My screenplay comedy "Girl on Girl" was accepted into IFP's Independent Film Week. Filmmaker Magazine article here. It was one of 25 screenplays featured in the Emerging Narrative Forum. This was my second consecutive screenplay to be accepted into Emerging Narrative. It's the 32nd anniversary of the program.

Just delivered my new play "Nasty Bits" to my agent. Excited to finally be looking for a production of this play. Workshops in the past included: New Georges and Lynx Ensemble Theater.

Two TV writing samples are being shown around. One is a fantasy version of "I Love Lucy" meets "Sex and the City," with Lucy as the equivalent of a 1950s Carrie Bradshaw.

Starting to do early research on a new screenplay that will be a different genre for me: action. The third photograph to the left will give you an idea of what I'm considering. It's a young warrior woman named Maroula on the Greek island of Limnos.

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