Mama's Boy

screenplay adapted from the book
by Richard T. Pienciak
Featured at IFP's Independent Film Week,
Emerging Narrative Forum

Carolyn Napoletano raised her son Eric by herself until pedophile Al Jiovine met them and became Eric's substitute father. This bizarre family unit was responsible for the murders of three Latina women in 1980s New York. Eric murdered his girlfriend, his first mother-in-law, and his second wife. Carolyn, who worked at NYPD's central headquarters, used her insider status to help him hide his crimes and destroyed evidence against her son. Ironically, she worked for the police department's Organized Crime Division, even though she was a Mafia groupie who was obsessed with John Gotti. Uncle Al helped Eric and Carolyn dump the bodies across state lines and kept their secret until the bitter end.
Reviews of the book:


"Significant, chilling, important book."

"A searing and disturbing portrait of the dark side of maternal devotion."
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