Produced by New Directions Theater, New York. And, later produced by Sacramento's B-Street Theater.

The "New Yorker" said of the play, "Humphrey is equally deft at evoking true horror and film-world banality, and her unflinching mix of the two gives the show its humor and power."

The "Village Voice" wrote,
"Humphrey reveals herself as a young writer to keep an eye on."

Before there was Bush, Palin, and Spitzer, here was Edward Hyde.

Inspired by the true story of Edward Hyde, Viscount Cornbury, who was appointed to the governorship of the New York colony in 1701.

This one-act play was presented as part of Perishable Theater's Women's Playwriting Festival, after winning their contest. It was subsequently published by Dramatic Publishing Company.

Read a review here.

Produced by Boston Theater Works, holding the distinction of being the first original work they brought to audiences.

Received a developmental grant from the LEF Foundation.

One-act plays available through Dramatic Publishing Company.
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