Screenplay inspired by a true story.

Romantic comedy.

A free-spirited designer of museum dioramas clashes with an uptight paleontologist when they work on the "exhibit of the century" -- the first fully intact T. rex skeleton found in the U.S. Their intense dislike of each other culminates during the gala opening night party when they drunkenly realize their mutual passion and accidentally destroy the T. rex in the middle of a comic make-out session.
In Australia, a government counseling center called Relationships Australia advised all the little old ladies who sought their help because they were tired of being alone to consider becoming lesbians! After all, single women were in vast supply in their communities, but there simply were not enough men to go around. This story inspired my comedy screenplay set here in the U.S.

"Girl on Girl" asks the question: Are you ever too old for love?
A comedy with a unique heroine, set in both London and New York.

Pippa, the uptight hostess of a deadly dull, erudite British chat show, comes to America to host a trash talk show in the spirit of Jerry Springer. She accepts the job after she winds up ostracized in the U.K. for broadcasting a fake sex tape of the Queen's Dowager Aunt. Pippa becomes a surprise hit in the U.S., and the Queen is ready to welcome her back home, until the Queen's prized Welsh Corgies wind up kidnapped after appearing on Pippa's show.
Adaptation of my play of the same name.

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