What happens when you cross "I Love Lucy" with "Sex and the City"? Well, you find Lucy working on her new column for the "NewYork Knickerbocker," while separated from her hubby, whom she calls "Mr. Big...Shot."

Lucy's girl posse includes Ethel Mertz and an oversexed showgirl from the Tropicana night club.

Optioned by Twentieth Century Fox-TV and Peter Roth as a proposal. I finally wrote the actual pilot only recently.

It follows the travails and disastrous love lives of three performers who created a popular children's TV show. Like their audience, these 30- somethings have yet to grow up.

Staff writer for the Nick Jr. show "Oobi."

Additional writing for Little Airplane Productions:

"Piper Possum"
"Wonder Pets"
"Third & Bird"
"Peking Ducking"

Writer for a variety of shows and mediums, including VH1 and Lifetime TV wraparound shows.
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